Chat box layout 

There are 3 sections in chatbox layout 

a) List of chat box 

All chatbox will be listed here and user can search and filter the target customer 

b) Conversation chat box 

Start conversation with customer 

c) Customer info 

Customer information is shown here. User can also make some advanced action here.

List of chat box

You can user the filter or search function to target the customer chat box.

Chat box layout 

  1. Name of customer
  2. Customer profile picture
  3. Channel type icon : Whatsapp/Facebook/Signal etc 
    1. Whatsapp 
    2. Facebook 
    3. Signal 
    4. Others 
  4. Last message in conversation 
  5. Ticket status : Open or Closed
  6. Labels of the customer : User can mark some labels to each customer for easy classification
  7. Staff been assigned to this case/customer
  8. Channel name and status 
    1. Red dot is Offline 
    2. Green dot is Online 

Chat box Layout and Features  

Customer basic info

Name, Profile pic and Channel type icon 

Special channel alert 

If the channel is offline, iSlash will pop up this alert. 

User can click "Pair Whatsapp" to re-pair the channel. 

No message can be sent out when the channel is offline. 

Message received, sent and system message 

Received message will be shown at left hand side with light grey bubble

Sent message will be shown at right hand side with dark grey bubble

System message will be shown in middle with blue bubble

System message will only be shown in iSlash platform. It would not appear at the original messenger (e.g. Whatsapp/ Signal/ Facebook Messenger) 

Message sent layout 

Main content 

The sent out time will be shown under the main content. 

Who sent this message ? 

You can know which user sent out the message if it is sent by iSlash. 

Message action 

You can click "v" button in message bubble to do the further action 

a. Reply Message 

the replying message will be displayed on the text input box 

and you can click the X button to remove this reply action. 

The replied message layout like this 

b. Forward message 

After clicking "Forward" button, a pop up window will be displayed 

Select the target chat box to forward. 

c. Delete message 

The deleted message will be marked to be "Revoked at (Time)" 

Send message 

Text and emoji 

Input text message in the "Aa" area and you can click button for selecting Emoji. 

Image/Video and File 

There are 2 methods for sending image,video and file

a. Drag the file to conversation area and drop the file 

b. Click the corresponding button

showing the preview page and then click send for send out 


the timer will be start counting , and then click Tick icon to send out. 

Please make sure you have microphone feature in your device 

Advance operation feature 

iSlash Ticketing system 

iSlash Ticketing system help customer service teams better prioritize their assignments, so they can create a more enjoyable customer experience.

Assignment system 

Let's service customer as a team, identify a specify cs to a customer in instant messenger.

just assign the case to a user 

iSlash Transfer system 

in some case, we need to transfer the case to another channel. Transfer system is a great system for your team to understanding the each case.

Customer info 

Customer information will be displayed in this section. 

Total number of Notes/Schedule Message/Payment/booking 

If this customer made booking and payment, the total number will be shown here. 


iSlash provide the label system and user can stick the label to classify users. 

Multiple user contact 

click "add" button to add multiple contact to same customer 

Advance conversation feature 

iSlash is not only a conversation platform, we provide more advance feature for operation 


Click me for Notes detail 


click me for payment detail 


you can make the fast respond templated message to answer the client enquiries by FAQs. 

Click me for more detail

Schedule message 

During conversation, some reminder or schedule message can be sent out by scheduled 

click me for Schedule detail 

Booking system 

click me for Booking detail