There are a few steps you need to prepare before using iSlash. 

Let's create the user account so that users to co-operate with this platform. 

iSlash helps: 

Customer service 

To start using chatbox, you should create channel first and start conversation. 

You can well organize your customer by Team staff 

New Generation of E-Commerce 

You can start your business by iSlash. Send the payment link to your customer.

Let's linkup payment account , create the products in iSlash

Make the booking in conversation 

You can directly make the booking and setup the scheduled  message to remind your customer. 

To making booking, you should set up the calendar.

Notification in Windows/ Mac 

When you logging in the system, a pop up about notification will be shown. 

Please Allow if your want to get the notification in Windows Notification centre or Mac Notification centre. 


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