iSlash also includes Ticketing system to manage your service. 

What is Ticketing system ? 

Ticketing system is a customer service tool that helps managing your service and support cases internally.

iSlash Ticketing system 

iSlash Ticketing system help manage every single customer status effectively.

When the customer contacts you, the chatbox will be tagged as "Open" status by default. 

Under "Open" status, it means the case has not been done yet, Customer service (CS) staff should follow up the case.

If the customer need is fulfilled, CS staff should "Close" the ticket.

Under "Closed" Status, it means the case is finished.  

Open status by default

When a message is received from a new customer or closed case, the system will update the status to "Open" automatically. 

At the same time , system message "Ticket is opened by System"  will be shown in chatbox 

Close case 

When the case is finished, then CS should click "Close Ticket" button. 

and the system message will be displayed


Reverse closed case status

You can also click "Open ticket"  button to reverse closed case status .