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Manage booking in calendar view 

Calendars in menu bar → select the calendar you want 

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3 Views UI 

you can view the calendar by Month (default), week and day 

View by month 

View by week 

View by day 

Monthly View action and indicator 

Total number of booking bubble 

You can see the total number of booking in the day

for example: it mean there are 4 bookings in 7th Apr 

Color indicator for each booking 

each booking can setup the color. here will show the booking type for preview  

expend for booking list of day

when you click the day, the list of booking will be shown 

Weekly and daily view indicator 

the booking will be shown directly 

Create booking 

in monthly view 

double click the day you want and the booking form will be pop up 

in weekly and daily view 

Drag at start time and drop on the end time. 

The booking form will be pop up with the start and end time

Booking form 

You can fill up the booking detail 

edit booking time 

2 method to edit the booking time 

  1. you can drag and drop the booking box in diagram
  2. input the start time and end time

repeat booking 

the booking can keep repeat with the specified interval you set.  

Select the target customer 


you can setup the reminder for each booking. if the booking is repeated, this setting will be applied to all repeated booking. 

also , you can pick the template message from FAQs


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